What is ROVA?

ROVA is state-of-the-art platform software designed to deliver social prescribing and other self-care solutions to the general public.

ROVA provides everything from local directories to a full suite of tools for commissioners, GPs and providers of community care to deliver a joined-up social prescribing service.

Let's start from the top

We’re talking about a huge number of charities, groups and organisations across the third sector who have something really special to offer but struggle to get to the right people.

Social Prescribing

ROVA is at the forefront of service design in social prescribing. We have collaborated successfully with commissioners, service users, GPs, AHSNs and university departments in a number of pioneering projects.

The Health Economics

The ROVA model is built to scale up and offer huge cost savings to local authorities and CCG commissioners. The value of the platform lies in its ability to showcase new services and reduce the strain on GP and hospital services.

Who is it for?

The General Public - You get the opportunity to self-care using a range of new services, previously unavailable to the NHS, and reducing reliance on GPs.

GPs and Health Professionals - You discover more options for your patients, and using secure referrals you make sure patients are connected with the right services.

Providers of Services - You showcase your offers in one place and have the tools to receive referrals, and manage bookings and attendance using our bespoke CRM.

Commissioners - You see what's going on and how much it all costs. Using our dashboard you identify areas of unmet need and work out how to implement new services.

Understanding the data

You've got to understand data to deliver a multi-sided platform, particularly in times of rapid change when new care pathways are needed.

The ROVA database is designed with connectivity in mind. Data that you enter once is available for re-use in any authorised service in your community.

Using analytic and predictive modelling the platform calculates areas of unmet need in your community, reveals which services might be needed and suggests where they might go.

This way we can provide scale, efficiency and ROIs to any CCG or local authority.

Must always remember that it's all about the data.

ROVA working for you

A bespoke service for your region

Get in touch to discuss your needs, whether you're a CCG or local authority wanting to transform local services, or an organisation that wants to collaborate with us.

Get in touch with us to find out how ROVa can support your idea.

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We're with you every step

We've got all the skills to help you transform, from stakeholder engagement,through to delivery & hosting. We offer full art & design facilities, and we're always available for support and advice.

Our database, your data

We'll help you organise your data, plug it into ROVA and deliver effective social prescribing in your area. Let the platform take the strain while you focus on what the local community needs.